We bring spaces to life by bringing life to spaces

Human beings express a sense of innate connection with nature and all forms of life, which has been crucial in order to improve the physical, emotional and intellectual abilities throughout our evolutionary process as a species. This human and inherent tendency to affiliate systems and natural processes is what is known as Biophilia.

BUO Estudio emerges as a biophilic studio with the main purpose being to improve or strengthen this sense of connection through the development of projects based on three design principles: nature within the space, analogy of nature and nature of the space. The aim of these principles is to ensure the physical and psychological well-being, not only of people but of all living beings.

The integration with the natural environment, the use of local materials and native vegetation as well as the close connection with culture and heritage are some of our strategies to achieve this goal.

In order to build the working process, we believe that if we join efforts and different points of view and experiences, this will generate more creative solutions. That is why our working processes are based on collective intelligence.