28This week I had a great surprise as I received some photos of the current conditions of one of the watermills that made up the exhibition Water landscaping in Xesta: the O muiño da Cerradiña, located in Pigarzos town.

Two friends and neighbors of Xesta, Manuel Boullosa and Enrique Costal, have decided to clear and clean this watermill and its surroundings, uncovering the main structure and the water channel or canle.

Down below you will be able to see some photographs taken before the intervention the last summer. So you will be able to compare them with the current condition after the cleanup carried out this week.

I hope that this kind of interventions and initiatives will help to keep alive this material, immaterial and natural heritage for more time, so we will be able to enjoy from this wonderful place.

Have a nice Sunday and thanks Manolo and Enrique for all the work done!