The following webpage is property of Manuel Angel Bugallo Otero (with professional address at Calle Marqués de Valladares #14-6°, office 1, 36201, Vigo Spain) and NIF 76933099P),here after the older of the website.

General Conditions

This web page can be free and with no charge visited by any user, provided that its use is for an exclusively personal purpose. Understood by user is any natural or legal person that exerts its access or has exerted to this web, and that is subjected to the hereby General Conditions and to the content of the legal information, as a whole.

In any case, the user must employ this web and its contents and/or services in an adequate way and in accordance with to the hereby General Conditions and content of legal information, as well as in attention and obedience to the law, ethics and moral, the public order and morality. The holder may reserve the right to refuse or retire the access to this web and/or the services provided in this web at any moment without any previous notification to every user that does not fulfill with the conditions established in the General Conditions, specially, regarding the previous paragraph.

The holder does not demand the subscription or register of the users for the access and the use of this web.

Similarly, the holder reserves the right to modify or delete at any moment and without prior notice the contents, services and information that are presented in this web page.

For the provision of services and products offered in this web site, the holder finds necessary that the user provides the data and information demanded at the application form for each situation, unless otherwise stated. Based on the assumption that the user does not provide all the information required, the holder could decide not to provide the service or information required.

As far as the user concerns:

  • He/she declares to use this web, information and services according to the hereby updated conditions, norms and legal provisions, applicable at every moment.
  • He/she is obliged not to use this web and services with illicit purposes, contrary to the established at the general conditions, an infringement to the rights and interest of third parties, or in some other way could damage, disable, overload or deteriorate the web portal and services or prevent the normal use or enjoyment of this we and services, by the users and/or interested.
  • The user must have to abstain from obtaining or even try to obtain information, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/ or image files, photographs, recording, software and, in general, any kind of accessible material through the web, employing different procedures other than those available for such purpose or that have been indicated in the web.

The inclusion the web’s content in other Internet portals, in media or supports, is not allowed. Similarly, it is not allow the reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformation of such contents, wether free or through payment, in any support or way.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

All intellectual property or industrial rights on any of the contents of this web are property of the holder, and they will be protected as such by the Spanish legislation.

Understood as rights, by way of example and by no means exhaustive, any intellectual property and industrial right over texts, images, drawings, color games, audio and/or video files, software, animations, brands, logos, slogan, designs, programs, elements, codes, fonts, interface, applications, structure, selections, order and presentation of any information and/or content of this we.

It is hereby strictly forbidden, under any circumstance, the reproduction, copy, diffusion, distribution, modification, transformation, suppression, manipulation or any other way of use, with both profit-making and non-profit, of all or part of this web and its contents, without prior authorization, express and written by the holder.

The holder is not responsible, in any case, of the ownership of logos, images, slogan, trades, designs that he uses for his clients projects, in those cases where such elements have not been conceptualize, created or projected by the holder. Consequently, it is understood that those are legitimate property to the original owners, who have authorized the holder to use it or include in catalogues, supports, advertisement, projects, among others, that the hereby web reproduces or to which it gives access through links.

The persons who considered violated their intellectual property or industrial rights by some of the contents could contact in writing (certified mail and with an acknowledgement of receipts) with Manuel Bugallo Otero, Calle Marqués de Valladares nº 14, 6º Office 1, 36201 Vigo Spain.

Personal Information

For the purposes of the Organic Law 15/99 for the Protection of Personal Data on December 13, the holder informs the user that the information given for the formalization of the application form of the web page could be store in automatized files whose responsible is Manuel Angel Bugallo Otero, Calle Marqués de Valladares 14-6° office 1, 36201, Vigo, Spain and and NIF: 76933099P, and whose main objective is to maintain a relation with the interested parties for activities such as services, information, latest news, maintaining and improving this web and the operation of commercial and promotional actions, specially designed for the interested parties.

In this context, the interested parties could exert the right of access, correction and cancelation of information, by sending a written and signed application that includes name, family name and DNI with precise instructions.

The applications forms of this web page are not designed for minors. The holder is not responsible of the cases where minors have sent personal information through this we. The person, who has the parental custody and/or is the legal guardian of the minor, could exert the right of access, correction and cancelation of data, sending a written and signed application with the name, family name and DNI with the precise instructions, to the above mentioned address.

The sending of the included application forms of the web will include the expressed approval of the user so the holder transfer the personal data of such user to all the necessary persons in order to achieved the objective of the automatized file.

When the user introduces comments or request information through this we, the holder could do some research to verify its address and other information, with the purpose of ensuring that the answer of information offered is the most adequate. The holder, will not gather automatically personal information, but could gather no personal information obtained automatically form personal data that has been previously given by the users.


The holder could make available to the user link technical devices (such as links, banners, among other) directories and search tools (all gather in “links mechanism) that allow accessing the web alien to the holder and/or administered by third parties (linked site).

The installation of such link mechanism in this web has as main objective to facilitate the user the search and access of information available in Internet, as well as to inform of all the works that the holder has done for third parties, with whom he has kept a business, commercial relation or the provision of services.

The holder accepts no responsibility for any legal damage that the user could suffer through the link mechanism and/or the linked sites, especially relative to:

  • Its functionality, availability, accessibility and continuity.
  • The maintenance of the services, contents, information, data, files, products and any kind of material that it could contain.
  • The provision or transmission of services, contents, information, data, files, products and any kind of material that it could contain.
  • The quality, legality, reliability and usage of the services, contents, information, data, files, products and any kind of material that it could contain.
  • Virus and other harmful elements that could transmit this Link Mechanisms that can produce alterations in the information system (software and hardware) of the user, or in electronic documents and store files.

The holder does not offers or trades by himself of through third parties the products or services available in the links. For this reason, he manifests that he does not control, nor approves or monitors or wish to make his own the products and services, contents, information, data, files or any other existing material in the link mechanism. For this reason, the holder advises the user to be very cautious in the valuation and usage of services, information, data, files, products and any kind of material existing in such link mechanism. In turn, the user, and in general, those persons who establish link mechanisms in their own web (henceforth foreign web) to link this web as a site that needs to meet the following conditions:

  • It is forbidden to establish any link with this web that does not directs to its home-page. The link will only allow access to this web, but could not be reproduced in any way.
  • It is forbidden to create a browser or a border environment on this web.
  • It is forbidden to carry on false, inaccurate or incorrect manifestations or indications under this web and/or contents, and particularly, it is forbidden to declare or imply that the holder has authorized the link or he has supervised or assumed any way of contents or services offered and launched in the foreign web in which the link is established.
  • The exception will be that applied to everything that is part of the link. Been prohibited that the foreign web in which the link is established with this web contains any trade, commercial name, name of establishment, denomination, logo, slogan or any other sign related to that of the holder or any client.
  • It is forbidden that the foreign web in which the link is established may contain information or illicit contents, contrary to the morality, public order and the good manners generally adapted or contents that could violet the thirds’ rights.
  • It is forbidden, specially, the use of any brand, name, commercial name, label, slogan, denominations or other distinctive signs from the owner in the key words or meta names of any foreign web with previous authorization, expressed and specify by the holder.

The establishment of the link in a foreign we with this web does not implies, in any case, the existence of relations between the holder and the owner of such foreign web, nor the acceptance and/or approval by the holder of its contents or services, with the exception that the holder has manifested the opposite.


No matter the relation between the user and the owner of the webpage, this will be interpreted and will be valid with the General Conditions and the content of the Legal Notice, and afterwards by the Spanish legislation. For the settlement of any dispute between the owner and the user, the courthouse of the city of Vigo will be qualified, with the resignation of


The access to this website implies the acceptance by the user of all the General Conditions and the content of the Legal Notice hereby express, and its commitment to respect them.